Finally…My Forever by Kristi Pelton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally….My Forever, is well worth a read it is a beautiful story that pulls at your heartstrings. If ever a couple deserve a happily ever after it is Austin and Phoebe. Their story has everything you need in a great romance book! You won’t be disappointed .

“Maybe forever wasn’t in my cards when it came to any woman”

Austin hasn’t been lucky in love and now having to attend the wedding of his ex girlfriend to one of his friends (Austin, Em and Zach were part of a large of group of friends) is not going to be easy. So the minute Austin meets Phoebe and gets to know the struggles she is having rising her siblings he hatches a plan that will benefit both of them. The fact that Phoebe is sweet funny and independent is even more appealing. However, Austin knows there is some darkness in Phoebe’s past that has made her the way she is! And her ex boyfriend just doesn’t seem to be able to stay away!

Phoebe will do anything for her family — they mean everything to her. But with mounting bills Austins proposals comes at just the right time. But it is going to take everything Phoebe has to keep her distance from this man; who is somehow burrowing his way into her heart and knocking down the walls she has taken years to erect.

But Austin has a secret one he wants to keep hiding but when you an ex boyfriend who doesn’t want to be an ex you know secrets are not going to stay secret for long.

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