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Fearless to Love by Harlow Layne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fearless Love is a sweet lovely no nonsense read! It get’s right to the point from the beginning of the book-no dramas just a beautiful romance between two people who knew what they wanted from the moment they meet and weren’t afraid to go for it! Just my kind of read either on a sunny day outside or a rainy day with a cup of tea! It’s a short story that once started I was happy to not move until it finished; and as I swiped the final page I had a smile on my face!

Workaholic Dante who has no time for friends and relationships one night finds himself at a bar out of town — as soon as his sees Lilly that’s it WHAM – BAM he knew he had meet his soul mate or as Dante likes to call Lily his ‘Siren’!

Lily hasn’t had much luck in love but as soon as she sees Dante she is smitten. The chemistry is of the chats – I believe that soul mates do exist and Lily and Dante are just that soul mates!

There is one slight fly in the ointment that of Lilys ex – but nothing that Dante and her friends can’t sort out!

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