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QUIET WEALTH Ahead of the release of the Quiet Wealth by J.L. Drake, the author took time out to take part in a @worldofbooks65 Interview in 60secs. International best selling author J. L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she lives with her husband and two children. Be… Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH J.L. DRAKE

World_of_Books65 Interviews


From Past to Present Ahead of the release of the 2nd book in K.L. Myers Vicci Family series, the author took time out to take part in a @worldofbooks65 Interview in 60secs. K.L. Myers was born in West Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a military father. She then spent her childhood moving from continent to… Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH K.L. MYERS

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EXCERPT REVEAL: I opted to walk home instead of a cab, needing to think. It felt great to be outside. My head certainly felt a lot clearer. When I was almost home, I spotted a lot across the street that was being set up for their annual Christmas tree sale. It was December, after all,… Continue reading ALL IN BY J.L. DRAKE

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Fighter’s Best Friend by A. Rivers

CHAPTER Chapter 1 Sydney He’s not coming.I’m starving, and exhausted from a twelve-hour shift at the hospital. The mouthwatering aroma of Italian cuisine surrounds me, but I’ve held off for fifty-eight minutes, waiting for Gabe to show up. At this point, I’m pretty sure he won’t. It’s not the first time he’s become caught up in training and… Continue reading Fighter’s Best Friend by A. Rivers

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MATTEO RELEASES 25TH JANUARY Cala Riley, better known as Cala and Riley, are a pair of friends with a deep seated love of books and writing.  I feel in love with their unique writing skills when I reviewed the first book in the brilliant Brighton Academy Series - 'Unbidden'; from then on I have… Continue reading WORLD_OF_BOOKS65

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What a weekend of reading! Some great books set to come out in the next couple of weeks RYDER BY PRESCOTT LANE Ryder by Prescott LaneMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI want you to picture yourself at a concert – the lights are bright, the crowd are on their feet and on the stage is… Continue reading WEEKEND REVIEWS SEPTEMBER 19TH

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Pirate by K.L. SavageMy rating: 5 of 5 stars 'The present contains disappointment and poison and you realize something that used to be so pretty is doused in hate.' I thought I love you were the best three words to hear, but I was wrong!It is no secret from my reviews that the 'Ruthless Kings… Continue reading PIRATE BY K L SAVAGE



Shaken by Charity FerrellMy rating: 5 of 5 starsShaken the 2nd book in the Twisted Fox series was a book I have been waiting for with great anticipation after reading book 1 in the series Stirred. Charity Ferrell did not disappointed. This story is defiantly Shaken and Stirred! Shaken has everything the word means:- Upset,… Continue reading SHAKEN BY CHARITY FERRELL



Ravage by Jessica AmesMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThis is one new MC series that you will not want to miss! If you are a true MC fan you like them slightly dark with a great amount of grit and slightly brutally in places. The 'Untamed Sons MC' have all that in fact it drips… Continue reading RAVAGE BY JESSICA AMES