MC, Must Read


Doc T by Skye McNeil

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I believe that Hot Tree Publishing had to encourage Skye McNeil to undertaken a MC series and they sure know their writer well because the ‘Macha MC’ is poised to be a really good one!

MACHA = in Celtic religion, one of three war goddesses; it is also a collective name for the three, who were also referred to as the three Morrígan. As an individual, Macha was known by a great variety of names, including Dana and Badb (“Crow,” or “Raven”).

Doc T has everything you will love about a MC book – Hot Biker, sizzling hot chemistry and most importantly a really enjoyable storyline. This book has an Irish them running through it and it is because the Irish MC is in trouble that they send across Isadora a Macha Princess across the pond for safe keeping right into the hands of Doc to be her bodyguard.

Isa didn’t want to leave Ireland she never really knew her dad only recently getting to know him so to suddenly be shipped of to leave in an MC’s compound in a country she didn’t know was not her idea of fun.

From the moment she meet the big handsome biker Isa knew she was in trouble — with no experience of men she was in over her head. Doc was happy sleeping with the club girls he didn’t need a woman of his own but then he met the fiery Irish goddess and he knew his life was never going to be the same again!

As the Twelve Brothers MC from Ireland get closer to the Macha MC and Isa live is in danger Doc knows he will do whatever it takes to keep this woman safe.

Join Isa, Doc and the men and Women of the Macha MC for a ride of your life!

This is my first time reading an Ms McNeil book but I am already hooked on the series and can’t wait to see who is up next!

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