Where Forever Ends (Maplewood Falls, #1)

Where Forever Ends by K. Street

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have a tissue or two ready for this beautifully written book. And when you have finished it hug the ones you love just a little tighter tonight.

What do you do when the person you think you will spend the rest of your live with dies suddenly? Well Saylor has found herself in that same heart breaking place; she is struggling everyday to take one step out of bed each morning but she does it for her beautiful son who clings to his mum with the worry every child has when someone has been taken from them so suddenly.

All Saylor wishes is to hug the pillow that has started to loss the smell of her beloved Colin and stay in that 10 secs before sleep and waking when you still believe everything is the same.

Saylor finally makes the heart breaking decision to sell her beloved home that she shared with Colin and move back home and live with her brother; a fresh start and being surrounded by her family she feels will not only help her but help her son Ollie to become that little boy again that was always laughing and smiling.

There she reconnects with Jase her childhood crush and best friend to her older brother – he too has suffered the loss of his beloved Candance on the eve of his proposal and blames himself for her death. Seeing the struggle that Saylor (Socks as Jase nick named her when she was a child) is going through he offers the comfort of friend that only someone that has lost can.

Join Saylor through her journey of denial, pain and guilt, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance and hope that you can open your heart to more than one person and your first love is still with you in the smile that your child gives you every day.

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