Walk On By (Passing Through Series Book 3)

Walk On By by Sarah Hegger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This the 3rd book in the series has to be the best so far and the other 2 were really good. I didn’t see this couple getting together at all!

Meet Kelly who’s high school love is now divorced and has set her sights on re-kindling the flame with Vinnie.

But sometimes things don’t work at exactly as you plan when tall good looking Gabe Crow returns home from Australia where he has lived for the past 3 years having broken up with his girlfriend. Gabe left Twin Elks feeling responsible for his fathers death and even when he comes home is convinced that it will only be for a short time.

Kelly and Gabe have know each other all their lives and after a one night stand the two start to get closer – however, when Kelly’s younger sister returns home with her baby after being hit by her husband trouble isn’t far away. Add in Gabes ex girlfriend from Australia who shows up things get even more complicated.

Will Kelly finally release that she can have a happy ending – will Gabe decided that small town living is for him or will Belinda Gabes Ex convening him to return to Australia with her?

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