It's Not Over

It’s Not Over by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black are my modern day Emily and Charlotte Bronte Sisters – Their collaboration together in ‘It’s Not Over’ is truly special!

What do you do when you know as soon you have signed the divorce papers that it was the wrong thing to do? You fight – You fight for the love of your love, you fight to be the man she deserves and when danager threatens you fight that little bit harder!

Winnie (Gwendolyn) and Harrison have been together since college but with Harrisons Gym business growing and more Gyms opening his and Winnies relationships suffers under the strain to the point that Winnie files for divorce – the ink isn’t even dry on the papers and one last night of passion ends up with a little ‘Peanut’ they weren’t expecting!

Harrison now has the chance to prove to Winnie that she and their baby will always come first in his life! With the help of his partner and best friend Chase, Harrison starts to put in place the changes needed – however, their is an enemy lurking that nobody saw coming and so Harrison not only has to fight to be called husband again he has to fight an unknown evil that could take it all away.

Look out for Chase and Winnies sister Gabby as I am hoping their book will be next from these 2 authors.

Well deserving of the 5 star rating I have given it

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