What do you do when you see the love of your life die at such a young age with an illness you couldn’t see? for some you weep, you get angry, you ask why and then you move on. For Averie you full down that black hole where only drinking and smoking weed seem to help. It doesn’t help when you are forced to move schools where the kids are pretty mean which only fuels your addiction that little bit more.

This book by Casey Diam had everything you could want in a young adult romance!
Tragedy (get your tissues ready), Lies, Laughter and finally Love.

Enter Ashton with a secret of his own – Star Quarter Back going places who has admired Averie ever since he saw her at a football game when she was still with James but there is something Ashton is hiding from everyone.

When Ashton finally meets Averie all he wants to do is heal her broken heart and make her his but will his secret send her back down the blackness again that he has brought her out of?

Their story is beautifully written, you will need your tissues handy as you following them on this emotional journey of discovery.

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