Ticket To Ride by Sarah Hegger

Ticket To Ride (Passing Through Series Book 2)

Ticket To Ride by Sarah Hegger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved the 2nd book in the Passing Through Series. Sarah Hegger has a hit series on on her hands!

What they say is true ‘don’t Judge a book by its cover’! Claire Winters has spent her life believing what her mother told her that her father didn’t really want her – and those little bits of memories that tell her differently get pushed aside as just a dreams and wishful thinking! Claire spent her youth with a chip on her shoulder hating the small town that her father loved and what she believed caused the break up of her parents marriage.

Move on a few years Claire is working hard to keep her mother in a nursing home as her memory loss starts to take over; to proud to tell her wealthy father that she needs help she comes back home to stake her claim on the family home that she is afraid is going to go the ‘gold digger’Poppy! (From the first book in the series)

Well things aren’t always what they seem and when Claire comes strutting into town with her nose in the air Finn Poppys brother-in-law can see that behind the hard exterior Claire is holding in a whole lot of hurt.

As Claire spends time in the family home she begins to release that maybe things aren’t what she first thought – and with the help of Finn, Poppy and her dad maybe those dreams were memories after all!

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