MC, Must Read


Pirate by K.L. Savage

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘The present contains disappointment and poison and you realize something that used to be so pretty is doused in hate.’

I thought I love you were the best three words to hear, but I was wrong!

It is no secret from my reviews that the ‘Ruthless Kings MC’ holds a place in my heart. Every couples story so far has broken me in places before I am put back together at the end. Pirate has absolutely shattered me! maybe because although this is Pirates story it is in a large part Sunnies story to. Be prepared to be totally blown away – this book is like nothing you will ever read! Pirate and Sunnies story is brutal, devastating, you will cry ugly tears; you will in places want to shut the book but you will be compelled to finish it because together this couple are beautiful. Their story needed to be told!
Two broken pieces who meet in an unlikely place. but become each others salvation.

“He’s a protector. A guard. More than a knight, more than a fighter, he’s a warrior.”

“If two hurricanes meet, we will engulf one another, creating destruction of epic proportions. And yet, I can’t move away from her”.

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