Shaken by Charity Ferrell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shaken the 2nd book in the Twisted Fox series was a book I have been waiting for with great anticipation after reading book 1 in the series Stirred. Charity Ferrell did not disappointed. This story is defiantly Shaken and Stirred!

Shaken has everything the word means:- Upset, Flustered, Overcome, Rattled, Shook up.

The push the pull and the mix signals that Archer keeps sending Georgia is enough to make your head spin. But a part of me and I am sure you will understand why as you get under the skin of the complex Archer. I admit when I started ‘Shaken’ I thought it was going to be an easy light read as the first couple of pages did make me laugh and through out the story it is sprinkled with some light humour.“The feisty, spot-blocking, chipmunk-saving, pain-in-the-ass woman. But the underpinning story is nothing light or easy.

‘It brought me Georgia. My human version of a migraine. My version of hell. She’s made me question everything. The kind of man I am the kind of man I want to be, the life I want to life’

If nothing else that I write prompts you to download ‘Shaken’ that one sentence there should be enough!

Georgia and Archer have a couple of chance meetings neither knowing that they had one person in common Georgia’s brother. Over the next 18 months or so we get to immerse ourselves in the ‘Twisted Fox’ bar – where Archer is part owner with Cohen Georgias brother and where Georgia bartends while she finishes of colleges. We meet Georgia and Cohen and Archers friends which was a highlight for me and made the story even more enjoyable and even more excited about the next book in the series.

Families can be complicated and difficult none more so than Archers. But where most of us can brush it of it unfortunately it has left a profound effect on Archer, to such an extent he feels he does not deserve happiness and believes everything he touches goes bad! But trying telling Archers heart that whenever he is around Georgia. George has deep feels for Archer but he blows more hot than cold so she pushes him to try and make him see what is front in front of him – until one day enough is enough there is only so much hurt and disappointment one person can take before you throw the towel in and say enough is enough. Only trouble is does Archer really want her to throw the town in but importantly has he left it to late!


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