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My Darling Arrow by Saffron A. Kent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘My Darling Arrow’ has overwhelmed me and I am not ashamed to say that in places it broke me, it stirred up so many emotions and even while writing the review I still have the slight urge to cry – which is really silly because it does have a HEA. But it is the path that Salem and Arrow have to take to get there that truly makes this story unique. It is only right therefore that my review is slightly unique.

‘He’s my Arrow, My darling, Arrow’

‘My Darling Arrow’ will transport you back to your first love and for some their only love! Salem has been in love with Arrow since she was 10 and he 15 but from the moment he laid eyes on Salems sister the two were inseparable . For those 8 years Salem writes a letter to Arrow ever week and puts it in an envelope in a box under her bed. It is her love story untouched by the world just kept in her heart! Now Arrow is back in town – after a fight with a member of the coaching staff of the LA Galaxy soccer team he plays for and breaking up with Salems sister he has been made to return home.

Dear Salem
You beautifully lovely girl if I could step into this book and hug you I would, if I could take away some of your pain and sadness I would because you Salem deserve all the happiness in the world – you are unique and wonderful and don’t ever change – in the end ‘Your Darling Arrow’ wouldn’t want you any other way. I am sorry your sister the only one you had to rely on when you at 10 and she at 15 came to live with your moms best friend and Arrow’s mom turns out to be a a class one B**** and I am sorry that your Darling Arrow although also 5 years older then you didn’t see what was under his nose from the beginning. But we know why! Your determination to help Arrow even if means breaking your heart all over again sets you apart. But thank god you had your team of girls behind you – I can’t wait to hear Carries story still next!

p.s you are a great football player yourself
p.s.s you didn’t deserve to be sent to St Mary and neither does your posse

Dear Arrow
I am not sure if I have wanted to kill or hug you through this story. I am sorry for the pressure put on you by your mother to achieve greatness in soccer to carry on your dads legacy and I am sorry that you felt that Salems sister tore your heart out – but we know that’s not true! You to are a remarkable man who will achieve greatness. I know why you give Salem a hard time in the beginning as you sort out who you truly are. But did you really have to push her so hard! One thing I hope she has taught you is that you are only human and that’s OK we all make mistakes sometimes! Where is the fun if we didnt

P.S stop smoking!

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