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Rocked by Julia Wolf

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Rocked is not your average Rock Star Romance this is a 💯 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ beautifully written heart felt story of two very different people from two very different worlds both are carrying scars; one on the inside one on the out side and both until they met each other not realising that being tough all the time can stop you from seeing what is right in front of you. As Devon say’s “We are two trains on parallel tracks — pushed together by circumstances” but that doesn’t mean that these two trains can’t eventual meet at the same station.

Rock Star Devon is in a slump his records sales are down and now at 35 he feels its time to take a trip and sort out where he is going — long gone are the days of drink and drugs he is just desperate to find his music again. By chance he find’s himself in Sunnyville California a town where you can be yourself and nobody bothers you — just what Devon needs to start writing again, what he wasn’t expecting was his next door neighbour Kat, her cute 12 year Ellie and a dog named Rufus.

Kat and Ellie’s dad are best friend’s that just happen to have a child together she likes her life as a paramedic and adores her little girl — what she doesn’t need is to get hot under the collar for her next door neighbour but maybe a summer fling while he is in can be OK as long as feelings don’t come into it. After all he is only passing through!

Kat is a strong character she has had to be let down by her mom she just get’s on with it — but sometimes you just need someone who can see beyond what you portray to the world; look closer and know just what you need even if you didn’t know it yourself.

‘Devon Chambers came into Sunnyville with a bang and walked out with barely a whimper’

The more time that Devon spends in Sunnyville the more the magic of the town and the family next door wraps itself around him his writing mojo is returning but his life and career is in LA he can’t just give that all up and now can he? Kat didn’t want to fall for the rocker or for Ellie to get to close she knew from the start he was only here for a short time but try telling that to her heart.

But as a wise woman once said and where Kat got Ellies name from ‘It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness’ Eleanor Roosevelt

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