Baller by M.A. Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not sure how I missed the first 4 books in the ‘Heritage Bay’ Series – I am kicking myself literally! If Baller is anything to go by this must be one hell of a series. In fact I have just downloaded the first one Jaybird and can’t wait to catch up with the others! I think I will need a tissue or two!

This is a second chance romance with all the elements required for it to be a 5* read for me. Emotionally, Swoon worthy, sizzling I just loved the way M.A. Foster has delivered a heart wrenching story looking at what constitutes betrayal and how it is interrupted differently by different people.

For Vanessa and Liam their road is not an easy road — meeting young – Vanessa was the daughter of Liams baseball coach at school and although he new Vanessa was the one they were both at different points in their life — she wanted to go to nursing school and he to play pro baseball. They tried to make it work and that is where the different takes on what exactly betrayal is comes into its own in this book and it did make me stop and think and with that in mind I can see both sides!

I don’t want to give to much away so just pick up a copy and read this wonderful book as I did I am sure you will want to read the first book. I cant wait to see who is up next!

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