Layer by Layer by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“When you experience the magic, you’ll know it. That’s when you know it’s real. That’s when you know you found her”

Everytime I read a Kaylee Ryan book I experience the magic and if you have never experienced Ms Ryan’s book then you are in for a treat as you let the magic of a great swoon worthy romance wash over you! If you are a fan of Kaylee Ryans books you are in for a real treat as we start a brand news series with 5 brand new swoon worthy men all with the last name Riggins.

Royce the eldest Riggins brother has more layers than an onion not that he knows it, burnt by a girl years before Royce’s life is his families company and as CEO he takes the responsibility very serious as do his 4 younger brothers. The 5 brothers have a strong bond that comes out from the start of ‘Layer by Layer’ and I look forward as how this continues as each brother gets their story. A chance meeting on a plane is about to turn Royces world upside down

Sawyer is heading to Tennessee to start a new job and to be near her best friend with no family Hadley is more like a sister to Sawyer. The same plane the same chance meeting with a handsome stranger who turns out to be your new boss is not what either Sawyer or Royce were expecting. But with every layer that Sawyer pulls away from Royce and the more she uncovers the more you will fall in love with the eldest Riggins. I admire the way Sawyer through her sassy shy ways bring’s out the playfulness in Royce that his brothers haven’t seen in 4 years. And I love how Royce and his brother take Sawyer into their family unit.

You never have to worry if you will get a 5⭐ read from Kaylee Ryan that is guaranteed. If you love your romances that are swoon worthy and hot that leave you with a tingle all over then this author will deliver time and time again!

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