Mafia Romance


The Italian Marriage by N.J. Adel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my 2nd dip into the world of N.J Adel and each time I am drawn further to the dark side! I marvel at N.J Adel and how she can make you fall in the love with such a dark soul that even in the devil would have at his side and how in some dark places hidden inside you — you want to be Bianca!

I never thought I would call darkness and torture in a story beautiful but The Italian Marriage is as beautiful as it is twisted and as breathtaking as it is ugly. But even the ugliness makes this a compelling read; it leaves you breathless; leaves you wondering why it had such an effect on you.

We always believe that for a good happy ever after the darkness and ugliness is to have been swept away by the light. Nadal throws that type of thinking out of the window and let’s us see that some great romance endings have to leave the ugliness in-tacked!

Life was never going to be easy for Bianca especially when you marry the head of the Mafia – but ever since she was 8 and Cosimo was 21 her fate had been sealed the one act of kindness from a child set the wheels in motion. As Bianca herself would say she and Cosimo were one half of the same dark soul the other half belonged to Cosimo’s twin Enzo. Bianca wanted to leave the Mafia life behind she begged Cosimo for the sake of their baby but as we all know once in you cant leave especially if you are head of the Family but Cosimo would do anything for the love of his life even if it ended tragically! Which for them it does. Bianca is now forced to marry the evil twin who’s soul is blacker than his brother.

Join Bianca and Enzo on their dark journey through betrayal and murder and if like me come to the conclusion that maybe these two should have been together all along!

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