EXPLOSIVE by K E Osbourn

Explosive by K.E. Osborn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another winning series is about to kick of – The Houston Defiance MC is going to be the series that series MC romance fans won’t want to miss!

K L Osborn’s Explosive is as the meaning suggests – It’s Dangerous and Violent as all great 1% MC romances should be! Could be potentially hazardous to your eyes (once started you won’t want to put it down). And most importantly the relationship between Zero and Rayne is just as dangerous and hazardous.

This author doesn’t hold back in her stories which I love. But throughout all the criminal activities the club take part in (a little bit of Breaking Bad in this book) I come away each time I read one of K L Osborn’s book’s still with the ‘Swoon’ factor and a smile on my face looking forward to what possibly could come next.

First up in the series is Zero the President of the MC and I think it was fitting to start with him. When his parents are killed Zero has to step up as president but his younger sister and brother want nothing from the MC life it has taken to much so Prinie takes her brother Koda and leave the club house behind. 1 year or so later and it is now time for Prinie and Koda to come home but she has made a friend Rayne who is being abused by her husband but because of how powerful he is she can’t leave.

Raynes only light is her friendship with Prinie. Not wanting to leave Rayne behind Prinie persuades Zero to take her with them. Not a problem as the sparks are flying around these to from the beginning but Zero doesn’t trust easily and his heart has been broken once.

Join, Zero, Rayne and the crew for the Explosive start to what promises to be a great series!

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