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Audacious Fiancé by Liz Lovelock

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sassy 2nd chance romance – what do you do when the boy who broke your heart in college ends up on your flight 10 years later? You don’t care because you are in a happy relationship or so you thought until one small secret you kept has said boyfriend leaving! What a jerk

Jolene has had a hell of a day loss of boyfriend bumping into ex what more could go wrong. Ex boyfriend Kane playboy of the jerk of the year tracks you down with a proposition – pretend to get engaged – oh yeah and this is really going to happy after the heartbreak Jolene suffered. Funny thing is she can’t say know.

Kane knows he made a big mistake all those years ago but now he sits about showing Jolene the different side to him.

I did struggle somewhat with the chemistry between Jolene and Kane which reduced my rating but that was just me!

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