Must Read, YA


Wicked Devil by Daniela Romero

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YA bully romances are becoming the in thing at the moment and I have reviewed a few lately some better than others. If ‘Wicked Devil’ the first book in the Devils of Sun Valley High is anything to go by this is going to be one exceptional good series!

Put aside any initial thoughts you have about YA bully romances because Roman and Allies story is like know other; yes Roman and his band of ‘Devils’ are the elite of the school because they play football. but no Roman isn’t the quarterback which makes a change; what however makes the story unique is it is a gritty and in part’s difficult story to read! (there is a disclaimer around chapter 25 and 26) so be prepared. This group of young adults are more alike than they realise all from different backgrounds dealing with the emotions and family pressures that can be difficult to navigate at a young age!

All Allie wanted to do when she is thrashed into a new school with only few months to go before graduation is stay under the radar; she is living with a father she never knew about for the first 17 years of her life after the death of her mom and her boyfriend has cheated on her — so if Allie can keep her head down and crack on with her studies she will be fine — right? Unfortunately for Allie she is instantly on Roman’s radar becoming his new toy to mess with and turn the whole school against her in one day — only problem is this comes with more consciences than Roman releases. It doesnt take long for Roman to release he has made a mistake; there is something about Allie – the way she talks the fact she seems like his friends for who they are not because they play football the more Roman starts to fall for this girl. Allie can’t work out why she is drawn to Roman he was nothing but horrible to her the first day but every now and then she catches a glimpse of differen Roman a Roman that she likes…maybe a little to much!
Unfortunately the same as if you put a hit out on someone you can’t take it back once the hit has been made. And life at Sun Valley isn’t going to get better for Allie anytime soon even under the watchful eye of the ‘DEVILS’.

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