The Enemy by Kelsey Clayton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every single standalone story in the ‘Haven Grace Prep’ series has been outstanding. Every story has been a 5* read; each couples story unique, one series that you don’t ever want to end!

I loved the title of this book – because in both Cade and Lennon’s eye each other are ‘The Enemy’ for completely different reasons and I can see why both we think so!

There is an old saying that ‘Money doesn’t buy you happiness’ but for Lennon over her 18 years that doesn’t appear to be the case, her mom left when she was 3 brought up by her dad with a house, full of servants, cooks and chauffeurs life couldn’t be better. Lennon is weeks away from graduate then of to NY and Juilliard Dance School. She has friends and a boyfriend what she wasn’t expecting was her dad to move a girlfriend in to the house for the first time including her two children — one being her obnoxious 19 year son Cade!

Cade can’t believe what his mom has done without warning leaving his dad and moving him and his sister into this world of wealth leaving his heartbroken father behind!

Cade has one goal break up the happy home and if little Princess Lennon gets in his way he will take her down too if only he could stop wanting her. Lennon has always been a good girl done what she is told and she cant seem to get a handle on Cade, he is a great looking guy; spends most of his time surfing and has a goal to go pro; but she knows he is plotting something she just doesn’t know what only problem is her heart beats a little faster every time Cade is around and she might not care what he is plotting even if most of the time he making her life a living hell Lennon understands that deep down Cade is only doing what he is doing because he feels as broken as his mom and dads marriage

A game of cat and mouse is underway but who is the cat and who is the mouse and who has the most to loose!

There is no cheating by Cade and Lennon in the book!

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