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Bull by Penny Dee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bull is a fast past emotional, gritty MC story that will keep you gripped to you’re reading device until the very end! I dare you not to be totally blown away by Bull and Taylors story.

Penny Dee has to be one of the best MC romance writers around! To produce book after book in a series that captures your attention from the start with a great engrossing storyline is not easy but the Kings of Mayhem MC has had great storylines each and every one of them will hook you in! And don’t worry there is plenty of mind blowing chemistry to make you blush all over – well we are talking about hot bikes here.

I was hoping Bull would get his story as President of the MC he has been on his own for 20 years ever since his young wife Wendy and unborn baby were tragically taking from him in a car accident. The club and his niece and nephews are his family he watches over them protecting them; as he vowed he would never love another.

The club is still at war with a man who is hell bent on ending the club (this has been a running theme through the series) Bull and the brothers are getting close to finish the war once and for all. A chance meeting with young boy named Noah and his feisty sister Taylor wasn’t part of Bulls plan but there was something about the fury auburn hair woman that draw Bull to her like a moth to flame.

Taylor is on the run her only aim is to proctor her brother at all costs she wasn’t expecting to full for the tough handsome President of the Kings of Mayhem MC – she knew she should keep her distance. Taylor didn’t want Noah getting to attached to anyone but sometimes you can’t control who you want to be with and you have to following your heart even if it can mean destruction for the ones you love.

But as Bull closes in on Gimmel Martel the drug lord there is another mystery that is about to unravel one the Bull didn’t see coming. Can Bull and Taylor survive the secrets that are about to be revealed.

I loved Bull and Taylors story so much Penny Dee always delivers and you know you will never be disappointed.

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