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Cocky Striker by Evan Grace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

➡️. 5+⭐ A feel good romance in its truest form
➡️. 💯 My Kind of Book
➡️. For you if you love books by Kaylee Ryan; Kelly Elliott; Lacey Black; Melody Grace

I fell in love with Cocky Chance Jr the son of Chance and Aubrey from Cocky Bastard the original book that was the idea of the cocky hero club. CJ was everything you would want in a ‘book boyfriend,’ slight cocky but not over the top, sweet, handsome and knew how to treat his girl right if only she would let him!

Laken has one goal at college pass her exams she doesn’t need to be distracted by the god like Chance although he does make her heart beat a little louder and he does make her wish for things that she can never have especially with someone like Chance.

From the moment Chance bumps into Laken and touches her he knows he has never felt anything like this before but the walls are up high with Laken and what ever secret she is holding on to ensures she keeps her emotions in check. But if his parents have taught hime anything you fight for what you want and don’t forget Chance is the son of a ‘Cocky Bastard’ after all.

If you like your romances as true romances then you will love this — feet up a glass of something cold and a smile on your face guaranteed!

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