Mafia Romance, Must Read


Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Stolen Heir’ is just brilliantly. No matter what your romance reading tastes are; I can assure you that you will fall in love with Mikolaj and Nessa. Yes, the book can be brutal in places after all it is a mafia romance but that is only a small part of this epic story! A fairy tale story brought to life in a setting like no other!

I must admit I was not a mafia romance reader but I dipped my toe into the first book in the series Brutal Prince and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that story. However, the 2nd book in the Brutal Birthright series is even better!

‘She is….intriguing. She’s a piece of music that gets stuck in your head, repeating over and over’

‘Stolen Heir’ is a mafia version of Beauty and the Beast only difference is Miko is scarred on the inside not the outside; seeking revenge on the Irish Mob who killed his surrogate father he hatches a plan to kidnap the youngest daughter of Irish family. Young Nessa has been shielded from the family business — wrapped up in cotton candy she lives for ballet and choreography them; she sees the good in everything even if at times she feels her family don’t really see her for who is is!

This maybe not the right thing to say but being kidnap by Miko is the best thing that could happen to Nessa – she gets to grow up while being under Miko’s roof — she is finally allowed to be an adult to feel things she has never felt before. To find the strength to blossom into the woman that has been hidden for so long. with this new found freedom she starts to understand that although Mika is the beast she is drawn to this man like no other. For Miko he can’t understand how this slip of a woman is getting under his skin; Miko the man who doesn’t feel, who has cold steel where a beating heart should be!

Just loved it loved it loved it!

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