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Can’t Fight It by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“From the moment I saw you, I knew. Every day, I feel it, my love for you. I can’t fight it”

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a story with a quote like that? ‘Fair Lakes’ has been an exceptionally well written series by two of the top romance author’s at this time. Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black write heart wrenching, emotional romances on their own but when the two write together they create something magically. ‘Can’t Fight It’ is their writing at its best and should be proudly placed in anyone’s Fav Shelve. – Download your copy today!

Colton had a quick appearance in the #2 book in the series Just Getting Started when we were introduced to his adorable baby ‘Milo’ — now Colton is out of the army and back home in Fair Lakes to take care of his son with his family and close friends to help him. Colton is ready to be a father to his little boy and will do anything for him ‘Swoon’ — who does not love a daddy and a baby! Especially as one as proud and loving as Colton.

When Colton meets the person who is going to be his tenant he thought he was getting a guy well who knew that the name ‘Hollis’ was unisex! What he wasn’t expecting was the lovely female Hollis who was as sweet as she was beautiful and the attraction was instant!

Hollis has a secret that has caused her to move away from home and her one friend. What she wasn’t expecting was her handsome landlord and his adorable son to steal her heart.

Can Hollis open up to Colton or will she need to run again to keep the two people who have managed to borrow they way into her heart safe!

Hollis and Colton are so believable as a couple I didn’t have to work at imaging them together like you do in some books; they just blended together perfectly and the chemistry was very hot!

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