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Dare To Tempt by Carly Phillips

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A cracking 2nd book in the Dare Nation Series . I love a book where a sassy independent woman who doesn’t care for high heels and flashy make-up can bring a cocky quarterback to his knees and Evie certainly does that to playboy Damon!

We were introduced to Damon and Evie in the first book; Dare To Resist Damon being Austin’s brother and Evie being Quinn’s best friend.

Damon has been tested positive for drugs at his last random test with the team — he knows he didn’t do it but if he can’t prove it his career is over and football is Damon’s life. Evie is a PI just starting up after a particularly nasty break up so although reluctantly to work with Damon – the guy who doesn’t do relationships and has a revolving door of one night stands she needs the job; but if only she could stop herself from thinking about Damon and his perfect body and perfect eyes and prefect smile she would be fine!

Damon the love em and leave em type is now having to spend a lot of time with the one woman who could make him change his ways but his reputation proceeds him and he has enough baggage at the moment he doesn’t need to drag the sassy Evie with him — but if only he could stop thinking about her and wanting her but his body and his mind has other ideas. When Evie’s ex turns up Damon will do everything to protector her and Evie will do everything to find out who is trying to end Damon’s career while starting to see behind the face that Damon shows to the world.

A great romance book with some suspense thrown in and sizzling chemistry what more could you want!
Role on book 2 I can’t wait another hit series from the hands of Carly Philips!

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