Forsaken by Gabrielle G.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FORESAKEN = ‘To leave forever or to give up completely’

‘Forsaken’ is like know other book I have read. It took me out of my comfort zone and catapulted me into a different sphere of romance books.

‘Forsaken’ isn’t a story for the faint hearted it isn’t a pretty story, it is a complex twisted love story. I want to say it is a love triangle but there is no cheating and a love triangle is not a strong enough meaning to Chris, Salome and in part to Jordan’s story.

I am not sure how to begin or end this review because you will either be all in with the book or you won’t I don’t think there is truly any middle ground.

Salome has know Chris for over 30 years he being one of her brothers best friends and Chris is bi-sexual so for a short time was also with one of her other brothers.(I told you it was complex) but with a 10 year age difference Chris has on only ever seen Salome as a little sister whereas Salome has loved Chris since she was a little girl.

Now at 37 Salome is still single but she has her Gay best friend Jordan who is her life line but when Jordan meets Chris even knowing her Salome feels about him Jordan starts a relationship with Chris. Salome feeling betrayed but bother her best friend and man she has know most of her life decides its time to break away for her own sake. But life is cruel and this story is about to get even crueler and hurt even more!

Chris has lived his life doing what he wants when he wants; now at 47 he is still not married is with who he wants when he wants — when he meets Jordan he feels maybe he has meet the one to settle down with but the one constant in his life Salome is now no longer there and although he locks it up inside there is still apart of him that feels the loss of Salome backing away.

As I said at the top of the intro this is a difficult book there are many twist and turns NO CHEATING though! It is in places an ugly dark book but in others it is like warm sunshine.

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