An MC book with a different twist which I throughly enjoyed. This is the story of a biker who killed for the one he loved and spent 10 years in jail for that crime – one he doesn’t regret.

10 years is a long time to be in prison but now Scrap is free – free to be with the women he loves. Crista was only 16 when he went to prison but from the moment he meet her he wanted her – but she was a child he only 21 but he was willing to wait. But a brutal attack on Crista took all that away from them both. The only thing that has kept Scrap going while in jail is the knowledge from his brothers that Crista is doing fine – she has her own place she is living her life and when the doors open from the jail cell he will be free to persuade the woman she now is as his own.

Only it’s all been a lie Crista hasn’t being doing fine, panic attacks, dressing like a boy keeping her body hidden and living in the garage over her parents home . This isn’t a full life this is just going through the motions each day.

Crista at 16 had feelings for Scrap even though she was so young she used to love riding on his bike with him, but that one night at 16 changed everything for her. Everyone is happy that Scrap is final free but they are all on tender hooks wondering what the broken women will do.

Crista’s body comes to live for the first time in 10 years but its a broken body will Scrap wants this person she has now become; can she be the women he has craved for 10 years? Only time will tell and Scrap knows what he wants what he has always wanted and patience is a thing he has lots of practice of over the last 10 years! But there is still one threat that has not gone away – will this finally push Crista over the edge and will Scrap be too late to save the love of his life.

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