Deranged (American Street Kings, #3)

Deranged by Bella J.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh God how does Bella J do it? I am still coming to terms with what I have just read – I thought the first two books were something else but this one just blow those out of the water and believe me that is saying something!

DERANGED – psychopath, madman, certifiable, maniac, unstable, made, batshit. Those words are not enough to describe Slither, the man that did unspeakable things to Neon in the first book just gets a whole lot worse in this book. Yes there is a love story here between Onyx brother of Granite from book 1 and 2 and Wraith. But this isn’t a pretty story its bloody, in places it damn right uncomfortable to the point I had to close my kindle for a moment take a deep breath before I could continue.

Onyx has now become President of the American Street Kings – he didn’t want it everyone always said he was a loose cannon, a wildcard waiting to wreak havoc and he was so he fought not to do have to lead his brothers but in the end he knew he had to take on the role for the Kings to be able to go to war with Slither and achieve the revenge the club sought.

One night at a bar Wraith (biker girl – owns her own ride, tattoos totally hot) saves Onyx by pretending to be his date from the moment he meets her Onyx wants her but she doesn’t want to be chased and he doesn’t chase; as he says to her ‘you’re not looking for a knight in shining armour. You’re looking for a devil in leather’.

But all isn’t what it seems with Wraith and under that cool exterior hides a truly awful reality (please be aware there are some triggers in this book). Wraith doesn’t think she has a heart she has lived her live like there is nothing to loose, she has felt nothing until Onyx! But Wraith is all holding onto a secret one that could destroy the club and loose her Onyx for ever

There are times in this book when I wanted to scream out loud NO NO NO – there are times in this book when I cried big fat urgly tears – this is truely an exception read. And at the end of this book if I could jump in with INK I would no questions asked!

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