Dangerous Temptation by Kelly Elliot and Kristin Mayer

Dangerous Temptations

Dangerous Temptations by Kelly Elliott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sprinkle in – National Treasure, Da Vinci Code (Romance+Comedy) and you get another 5* winning book from the collaboration of two great authors, Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayers! Writing on your our own is challenging but writing together can be even harder; but these two seem to pull it off with ease. And how they have managed it this time with a book so different from their usually outings is quite extraordinary.

On the death of her Grandpa Sydney returns home to Salem to take over the Veterinary practice he owned he also left her a house that Sydney has been drawn to you for years. On her first night back home she in counters ‘Officer McHotty’ or his real name Officer Mike Murphy (Sydney doesn’t have a filter around the handsome policeman as you will come to find out), not knowing who he is and a flash light trained on her their first meeting isn’t a positive one but once she gets a good look at the man wow she and her lady parts are in a happy place!

But there are secrets waiting in her house to be uncovered, secret societies to be unearthed – the Alchemists Vs the Truth Seekers what are there? have they been part of history through time going back to the Boston Tea Party to the Salem Witches? To the recent disappearance of Sydney’s good friend Vicki? Mike and Sydney are about to begin a National Treasure hunt of their own! Join them in this thrilling brilliantly written book you won’t be disappointed!

The comedy elements through out the book just add to this wonderful story – Mikes parents are just hilarious – divorced for years but still together Mikes mum has a tracking device on his phone so she always knows where he is and when their accidentally FaceTime Mike when their are having sex well I nearly wet myself – any son or daughters worse nightmare!

So without further ado – Pish Posh and Fiidle-Faddle get your fingers on the download button now!

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