Shadow’s Surrender by Chiah Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just gets better and better! Once you start this book believe me you won’t put it down until its finished!

Take the finest Champagne (Scarlett) and the strongest neat whiskey (Shadow) and you have the making of the perfect book.

Shadows younger life was steep in heartache after the murder of his abusive father; Shadow thought he and his mom (Carmen)would now have the chance to live a normal live – Shadow was Carmens whole life and she would do anything for him – life wasn’t easy and Carmen has to work in a strip joint but she didn’t care as long as her son had the things he needed! Live get better when Carmen meets a rich man who promises he is about to leave his wife -he sets Carmen up in a great apartment and for a while life is good `although Shadow and the mystery man never meet – but then one day when Shadow turns 15 his mom is brutally murdered 15years later Shadow is now a member of the Insurgents MC and still hunting the killer of his mom believing the rich ‘sugar daddy’ is the man responsible. Life though is good for Shadow and his brothers in the MC; he owns his own business and makes good money and the MC is now his family.

A chance meeting with beautiful society woman Scarlett at a posh engagement for the friend of the family that looked after him when his mom died leads to quick hot encounter at the party should have stayed just that a one of quick and duty get together! But fate had other plans!

Scarlett born with the silver spoon in her mouth no need to work and spending her days at the country club and trying to do what her Mother and Father want by marrying Warren the equal silver spooned son of a business partner! But that isn’t who Scarlett is – she hates Warren and wants a job and to live her own life with a man that she loves and who loves her!

But Scarlett and Shadow can’t get that one encounter out of their minds, and when Shadow is part of the crew working on some construction at Scarletts parent house the sparks fly and the attraction the 2 feel for each other can’t be denied; but dark clouds are gathering as Carmens killer murders again and the 15 year unsolved crime becomes centre stage. What will Shadow do when the truth is revealed and his life is put in danger.

Bring on book 15 I can’t wait!

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