Love and Landscape

Love and Landscape by Lacey Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my God what a book! This pulled at my heart strings in the best possible way!

I don’t know how Lacy Black does it one minute I am reaching for my tissues as I silently cry with the emotion that surrounds Kathryn and Jensens love story then next I can’t catch my breath as this beautiful story unfolds.

I didn’t think anything could beat Megan and Nick’s story ‘My Kinda Forever’ (Book 6 in the Summer Sisters series – this is the spin of from that series) but I think this book just might!

Let me introduce you to Jensen 30 year Landscape Gardener newly divorced with a 4 year son called Max or as Kathryn calls him ‘ Just Max’. Jensen is juggling keeping his ex wife happy with running a successful landscape business. When he is given the opportunity to do the work on the biggest house in Rockland Falls steeped in history – history of Jensen and the only girl he ever loved Kathryn. Kathryn who one night disappeared with her family leaving the house and never returning – no phone call no email nothing!

Now someone is moving is into the house that has been abandoned for 12 years and Jensen gets to relieve his past by putting the gardens and the pool to its former glory not easy when memories are al around him.

Kathryn is finally coming home after the death of her beloved father she finally is able to get away from NY divorce her cheating husband Charles Dunnington III whom her mother thought was the perfect husband for someone like Kathryn not a blue collar worker like Jensens family was all those years ago! As soon as Kathryn and Jensen meet the chemistry is still there but hurt and misunderstandings from all those years ago need addressing and when the truth is revealed more heartbreak is to following! Add in the mix an ex wife who has disliked Kathryn since school days these two are not in for an easy time!

This spin of series would not be complete without a cameo from my two fav people Uncle Olvie and Aunt Emma (again you can see more of these two in the Summer Sister’s series) these two crack me up with their sexual capers, I was doubled over with laughter during their visit to Rockland Falls – with sentences like ‘he seems like the type of man who likes to pound the paternal pistol’!

This is a beautiful written book that pulled out my heart strings in the best possible way! In the words of Jensen – You can’t love without hurt, and most cases, you can’t have just without love!

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