Silver Brewer (The Silver Foxes of Blue Ridge)

Silver Brewer by L.B. Dunbar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Follow these two people in a heartwarming and in places sad story of 2nd beginnings, love and hope!

I am a newbie to The Silver Foxes (this is the start of a different branch) but it won’t be my last!

Letty just turned 40 – marriage and children I thing she has dreamed of for years but either the man was wrong or the timing. Her one near miss scumbag of the earth (Lettys words) ex boyfriend and fiancé is just about to marry her sister who always seems to be the one to come out on tops – married before with 2 children who she isn’t interested in -but who said life was fair.

Letty has a plan and to make that plan become come true she has to pull of the biggest real estate deal of her life – standing in her way is a beautiful mountain, a log cabin and a beautiful man nicked name Giant!

When Letty founds her way to Giants hide away and falls out of her car in her high heels Giant knows his in for trouble! nearing 50 he lost his wife and high School sweetheart to cancer 10 years ago. Their marriage was easy no blind explosive sex, no trying anything different- So Giant doesn’t want to have these really hot thoughts especially with someone wanting his land and a city girl no less!

Letty can’t deny the chemistry between the two is hot but she is at a stage in her life when she wants more and Giant is happy in his plodding world running his beer making business and living his quite life.

Can these two work it out to get what they want – but Giant has secret he hasn’t told Letty will this break or make them!

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