SAVIOR by Shannon Myers

Savior (Silent Phoenix MC #5)

Savior by Shannon Myers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an emotional last book in this epic series – I would recommend you read the whole series to fully appreciate the writing skills of Shannon Myers but you could pickup the story – but why would you and miss out on this epic finale!

There are twist and turns on each page – who is the Saint who has been calling the shots from the beginning – is it Comedian? Is it Beast? Someone from a cartel? From the police force? Someone else inside the Silent Phoenix MC? I went with all of them – that was how good this last book was and the end just explosive. I really didn’t see it coming!

Celia and Jamie have been through so much over the years were their forever doomed by tragedy? Their daughters always thinking their parents had abandoned them – a son Mike – Jamie had before meeting Celia Who is trying to do be the good guy joined the police feel in love and married but when things get tough drugs and drink are his bed fellow!

Mind games are at every turn is Jamie dead? Did he fake his death? Is someone pulling the strings and making everyone believe he is a traitor.

One thing is true in Greek mythology Athena is intelligence and strategy and Ares is violent and physical untamed aspects of combat. The women in this book are the warriors their are the Athena’s and can bring this war to an end! But what will be the final cost!

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