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Against the Boards by Samantha Lind another wonderfully written book!

Against the Boards (Indianapolis Eagles, #5)
by Samantha Lind (Goodreads Author) 


World Of Books 65‘s review Sep 03, 2019  ·  edit
it was amazing
I have loved this series – and the the 5th book has not disappointed! 

As with all the series there is also an underlining story with meaning which I love and this focuses on Reeses ex manager who is in prison awaiting trail for sexual conduct with various women within the industry – Reese has to testify at the trail and with Austin by her side she is able to hold her head up high. Having said that it is a feel good easy read book that warms your heart from start to finish and makes you have that sigh at the end.

Austin the playboy of the team meets Reese at one of her concerts – one of her band members is brother to Laura from book 4 in the series. The two hit it off right away but Reese is about to embark on a world tour and Austin is just starting the hockey sessions not a good receipt for a romance but these two find a way with long Facetime and surprise visits when they can.

Well done again Samantha Lind

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