This Is Love

This Is Love by Natasha Madison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another 5 Star book by this talented author!

Just when you don’t think this series can get any better Natasha Madison proves you wrong.

We have meet Vivienne many times, best friend to Karrie ( Karrie and Matthews story can we read in Something so Prefect) Vivienne the French ice queen sworn off of love at 21. The other woman for over 2 years to0 embarrassed to tell her best friend with a promise that he would leave his wife, turned to dust on her 21st birthday when she spotted him with his very pregnant wife.

Over the last 10 years Vivienne spends her time from lover to lover no heartbreak for her – but then along comes Mark PM (Private Mark as everyone calls him), Goalie for the NY Slingers and business owner – he likes to keep his life private.

Mark has tried to have a date with Vivienne for over 2 years – he still can’t believe she didn’t call him when he gave her his number!

The two finally give into their feelings and while Mark is falling hard and fast for Viv she is firmly keeping her heart closed she is determined not to go through the heartbreak of 10 years ago.

Can Mark hold tight and make Vivienne see that ‘This is Love’ or will a ghost from the past remind her why she keeps herself closed off.

I just love this series and hope their are many more to come!

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