Cash (The Ride Series Second Generation Book 3)

Cash by Megan O’Brien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Megan O’Brien has not disappointed with the 3rd book in the Ride series.

The first time Cash meet Layla he thought she was hitting on him! All Layla wanted was someone to help her and Riley her brothers daughter who she had adopted across a darkened parking lot – Cash thought Layla was hitting on him and the two parted ways with not the best of impressions!

The second time they meet Cash knew that Layla and Riley were going to be his and nothing was going to stand in his way not even Layla!

Layla has just moved to town and into the house that her Nan left her after she died. She is mom to 5 year old Riley who is her main priority but when the Knights MC women take you under your wing you just go with the flow and it was great for the first time to have others to help! But she didn’t have time for love and she definitely didn’t have time for a 6’4 Viking named Cash Walker!

But what Cash wants Cash gets, Riley already loves him and when he persuades Layla to take a chance on him and become the family he never had expected in the military and with the MC ,life should be good but darkness is waiting in the wings to snatch everything away.

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