Savage Angels MC Collection (Savage Angels MC, #1-3)

Savage Angels MC Collection by Kathleen Kelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love MC books then you will love this series.

Although all books can be read as stand alone to get the full impact I would suggest you read them all and what a good way to start with all three books in one copy.

We start with Kat and Dane, Kat lead singer with the No 1 band Grinders, on the road since she was 12 loves her pop star live style but in one lapse of judgement her singing career after a horrific road accident is over on the same night her mum died – Kat decides to return home and shut the world out – there she meets Dane President of the Savage Angels MC and finds out things about her mum that just didn’t seem possible- one look and Dane knows Kat is the one for him – but there is a stalker out there just waiting for a chance to get near his ‘idol’. Follow Kat and Dane on this sexy fast based start to the series.

The 2nd book introduces Danes sister Emily who he left with his drunk dad when she was a child – dad is now dead and Emily sets out to find her brother but on the way she meets Salvatore Captain of the Abruzzi mafia family – these two paths cross and both the Savage Angels MC and the Cartel have something to say about that!

The 3rd book is set leading up to Dane and Kats wedding where the bad guys don’t take a rest even for a wedding but when Kat ends up shot on the wedding day will she survive and if she doesn’t how will Dane carry on.

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