The Truth About Us

The Truth About Us by R.C. Stephens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A brilliantly written 2nd chance romance by R.C. Stephens.

We all remember our first love; the one that you give your heart to – the one that you believe will be ‘Your Forever’ for most of us you drift apart as live takes you in different directions and you have closure for one another. But for Jolie that didn’t happen one day Griff the love of her life was there and as teenagers do making plans and the next day he didn’t show up or return calls. The End or so she thought but fast forward 10 years one marriage behind her Jolie now a widow is thrust back home when her step father dies suddenly and her mum needs her – but who should she meet at the airport but Griff also returning home after a call from Jolies mum.

Truths are about to be revealed that cause devastation for Jolie can Griff be the one to stand by her this time or will he disappear again!

This is a truly emotionally journey one which I know you will enjoy.

I look forward to the next one in this series!

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