Road Trip to Happiness

Road Trip to Happiness by Maggie Mundy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Road Trip to Happiness

A thought provoking romance – Are you really jinked when both your first and second husband leave you on your wedding night? Well some might think so and so does Scarlet; with the sudden death of her Nan on top of that Scarlet can feel herself slipping away with the grief into the dark pool that swallowed her up once before.

But sometimes with death comes a ray of hope and that is with the last wish of Scarlets Nan for her as she did as a young woman to go on journey across Australia to rediscover herself and for Scarlet to make the realisations that all things happen for a reason and the path that you tread is not always smooth and straight; it is bumpy and sometimes you take the wrong crossroads before you get yourself back on track and find the true one for you.

A well written book and one to add to your beach read

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