A Hundred Ways to Love By Ellie Wade

A Hundred Ways to Love

A Hundred Ways to Love by Ellie Wade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are A Hundred Ways to Love this book! If you are a fan of books by Kelly Elliot and Kaylee Ryan you will fall in love with this book of hurt, love and second chances!

Leni born to a brute of father with political ambitions and a mother who turns a blind eye. Leni’s two escape’s in her young life was her art (which her father took away from her) and her summer trips to her grandmother Mimis farm, where she could truly feel free and emerge herself in her friendship with Liam the boy from the farm next door.

However, as this years move on and her home life becomes more unbearable Leni makes the decision to close her self of from love and commitment, shuts Liam out of her life at 16 and when she is able leaves home and her parents for good for college in NY and the hope that she can make her dreams of a painter come true.

Sadly after college Lani is forced to move back to Mimi’s where she meets Liam who has never forgotten about the girl with the eyes the colour of emeralds and the love he felt for her all those years ago.

Can Lani now open her eyes and unlock her heart to the boy she was once to scared to love or will the calling of the big city send her running back and leave Liam broken hearted once again!

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