Do Prince and Princess really exist not for Polly left too raise 4 young children on her own – but that was before she stumbled into Twin Elks meet the Chef of Police and feel in love with the nosey funny kind hearted people that live there! I too feel in love with this town and the funny yet emotionally written story and so will you!

After the death of her husband Polly packs up her children and heads for California for a new start and to built a relationship with her absent mum.

However, fate steps in and Polly becomes ill on the journey. In her fevered state She ends up in Elk Grove a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business; runs a red light and pleads with Ben Crowe the chef of police to “lock her up as she is a bad mother’

Ben takes one look at the ill woman and her 4 children and decides to take them to his mom Dots house (the matriarch of the town)- there the story really begins – a town ready to help this young mum- well everyone except Bens ex wife Tara who feels threatened by the growing attraction between Polly and Ben.

Ben fights his growing feelings for Polly and her family fearing he doesn’t have anything left in him to give this broken woman what she deserves and when Polly’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law Finn turn up will she turn her back on the town that has come to love her and her family and instead built a life with Finn or will she stay fight for the man she loves and build her dreams in a house and a town where fairytales can come true.

This is my first book by this author but not my last!

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