Thats not what Cammie Yearnell Wedding Planner does – she jumps in head first and has every intention of just ignoring Finn Brannigan the local Photographer and pain in her ass to make sure that the bride Kelly Atwood has the best wedding day ever even though Kelly’s father Weston – the local big shot business man wants a wedding that is so totally over the top that his daughter is thinking of eloping!

How would you feel when you are asked to plan the wedding of a girl you used to babysit at the place the year before you were due to walk down the aisle at? – not happy I would think; add into that the fact you also have to work with your childhood friend who introduced you to the ex and feel he should have warned you about said ex! Me I would have say – Thank you but no thank you!

This is the 2nd book in the Dunlin Shores series and again a well written contemporary book; and if you are looking for a feel good book this is the one for you;

Not to give to much away – Cammie and Finn had been friends since school and Cammie went on to get engaged to Todd a friend of Finn’s, but just before her wedding she found out that Todd had cheated and ended the engagement. Thing’s have been strained between her and Finn since then as Cammie felt Finn should have warned her what his friend was like. Now they are thrown together to work on the wedding and feelings that they have kept hiding for years raise to the surface. Cammie is looking for her Prince and Finn isn’t looking for love as his family have never been lucky in love added in a sick dad who needs an operation his focus is on finishing this job to get paid to help pay for the operation.

But cupids arrow has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it. The sexual chemistry between the two bubbles throughout the book and you just want to shout ‘just do it’!

I did enjoy the book. I would have liked to have seen some mention of the first couple in series Nick and Cinnamon and Fern the owner of the Inn to really feel part of Dunlin Shores. There is a third book and hope that some of the characters that have been in the first 2 start to make an appearance as the series continues.

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