The third book is the one I have been waiting – Fran was introduced in the first book in the series and you knew she had a story to tell. She comes home to Oregon after her husband left her when she miscarried their child. Feeling sad and needing a new direction in her life Fran hopes her return to Dunlin Shores will give her the peace that she craves. Taking over and re-furbishing the Oceanside B and B by putting her heart and sole into the project makes the B & B now one of the must go places when you want to get away from the real world and take time out for you.

A few years on and all Frans friends are either getting married or having children and old hurts and feelings resurface.

Enter Mitch Matthews the sexy motivational speaker the cause of butterflies to flutter in Fran’s tummy every year when Mitch comes to stay, only trouble is he normally has a beautiful woman on his arms. But not this year, this year Mitch arrives alone at the end of the session and is the only guest at Oceanside. The normally outgoing Mitch has a sadness in his eyes that Fran hasn’t seen before which is due to the sudden loss of his father. This now means he is unable to complete his new novel “Finding Your Bliss?

Long walks on the beach, learning how to make things out of sea wood and time spent with Fran and her 2 adorable Sea Gulls with a surprise no one was expecting added in maybe the Bliss that Mitch is looking for was right under his nose all the time.

I have really enjoyed the 3rd book in the series and can’t wait for No4 the series gets better with each book

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