This is my first book by Ann Roth and the first in her new Dunlin Shores Series. I was sent this as an ARC for an honest review.

Firstly I was impressed with this writer and if you like contemporary fiction then you are in for treat. A slow burn feel good book.

First up in this series is Cinnamon and Nick. Cinnamon a hotshot executive whohas fled LA to the small town of Dunlin Shores Portland after finding out the man she loved was not what he seemed and losing her job because of it. She arrives in Dunlin Shores for thirteen days to lick her wounds and look for another top exc job. The guest house she stays in is run by her BFF Fran – the two met in college and shared an apartment but haven’t seen each other in years. This is a chance for the two to catch up with cozy nights by the fire and discuss where life has taken.

Cinnamon meets Nick who has spent all his live in Dunlin Shore and is the local handyman working on Frans guest house. His main focus is his sister and niece and although he is drawn to Cinnamon he holds a secret that in his eyes could dash any chance with the lovely lad who seems to be looking for the well read exec type which Nick is NOT.

The story’s back drop is the pending closure of the Cranberry Factory where everyone works include Nick’s sister and how Cinnamon can help safe the town all the while not thinking about the sexy as sin handyman who is everything that she thought she didn’t want in man but everything she needs.

I am looking forward to reading the 2nd in the series. 

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