By Trilina Pucci

WOW WOW – ‘You can’t have a rainbow without a bit of rain’ – with a sentence like that in a book you know you are going to love it. Lucas and Gretchen were first introduced to us in book 1 of this series ‘Truth’ and even then you knew their story was going to be off the charts and it is!

Lucas in a complicated marriage to woman he isn’t living with, rising his 6 month old daughter who he loves to the moon and back trying to sort out the family business (mafia) then add in Gretchen who won’t sleep with a married man no matter the tricks Lucas has up his sleeve and you are in for a great reading experience.

Lucas becomes the rock and friend that Gretchen needs when coming to terms with the death of her father and she shows Lucas that sometimes there is more to life than just revenge. I loved the friendship side of this story as it was told beautifully and was woven so well into the overall story!If you love books by, Natasha Madison, Lacey Black, Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliott, Kaylee Ryan you will love this book. What are you waiting for download now!

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