Dangerous Love Dangerous Book

You have no concept of the man I am. You can’t because you are everything I am not

I LOVE THE LAST RIDERS! and The Predators and the Biker Bitches! If you haven’t read the full series of books and cross overs then WHY NOT? Click the link now https://www.jamiebegley.net. There are 3 short stories each based around characters or themes from the books above – first there is Shade and Lily – what can I say about those two ever book I read with them in I cry. I. thought this book would be different as this is only a short story but know tears again! ICE and Grace (Predators Book 1 – cross over into The Last Riders) and Mika Jonas and Hammer. WOW each story gives you a little more insight into each couple and I particularly liked Grace and ICEs book and we got to understand why things had been a little off with them in the previous book T.A (Biker Bitches book6) although they do have their own book as well. Didn’t I tell you all books cross over! Mika Jonas and Hammer is really HOT HOT 2 hot bikers and one Red Head that says it all. My fav book in the series is Viper or is Sex Piston or is it ICE I don’t know – read them and let me know what yours are!

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