Angels and Cowboys Book 1 

               By Kelly Elliott

Steed oh Steed what a mess you made how could you have got it so wrong way back when.  Move it on 10 years and Steed is back home with the most delightful daughter you would ever wish to meet and you will get to see Chloe in all the books and boy is that girl funny only right she will have her own book in the future (I say no more) and hear lots about Smufs what can I say each of Kelly Elliots books has a theme!  Your heart goes out to the girl that Steed left behind – Paxton, from the first time she speaks however what a strong loving lady she is.  Finding out that the love of your life has come home with a daughter which should have been theirs – is heartbreaking.  The storyline again is strong as always with the right amount of laughs and tears.  All of Steeds brothers have there own unique stories to come (follow QR code at the top to go Kellys Angels and Cowboys webpage). Again I can’t say to much or it will spoil the book but just go and buy it NOW you will regret it if you don’t.

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