Which Type of Writing is Best?

Up until I received my very first Kindle way back when I had always shied away from reading books in the first person.  Don’t asked me why because I couldn’t tell you the reason.

Then not only came along my Kindle but I took the plunge and downloaded my first book written in this format by a wonderful author Kelly Elliott

Since then I haven’t looked back, all of her books (I can’t say she has written a bad one) sweep you up into the world of not only the main characters which some author’s can tend to be guilty of but also all the other people, places, children and very cute animals around them. (Yes you heard right animals).

I love now losing myself in the pages of these books in which I can take on any character I wish, although ‘Whitney’ is still at the top of my list of who I dream to be.  More of that to follow.

So if you are still undecided I would suggest you start your journey with the very first book in the WANTED Series by Kelly. WANTED -BOOK 1

Thank you Kelly for starting my Journey!

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